Cheyenne was his name and he roamed the West in a great long running TV show!

Cheyenne was the first successful television series to be produced by the motion picture studio, Warner Brothers. Originally one of the three rotating series in the studio's showcase series, Warner Brothers Presents, Cheyenne emerged as the program's breakout hit and helped to fuel ABC's ratings ascent during the mid-1950s. ABC had fewer national affiliates as CBS and NBC, but in markets with affiliates of all three networks, Cheyenne immediately entered the top ten; by 1957, it had become the number one program in those markets.

Although clearly successful, Cheyenne never stood alone as a weekly series, but alternated bi-weekly with other Warner Brothers series: Casablanca and King's Row in Warner Brothers Presents (1955-56),Conflict (1956-57), and two spin-off series,Sugarfoot (1957-61) and Bronco (1958-62).Cheyenne's eight-year run produced only 107 episodes, an average of thirteen per season