The freshman class at Denver South High School don't have to lug something around this year, textbooks!  Could we be going textbook free in Cheyenne Schools?

The 9th grade class from Denver South High School will be making history, being the first to graduate WITHOUT using high school textbooks.  Instead, these 9th graders will all be getting a Kindle Fire HD tablet, which is loaded with all the software they need to replace all of those books that students usually have to haul back and forth to class.

According to KMGH 7 News in Denver, Colorado, the brains behind this project is South’s technology coordinator John Henn who believes that going all digital will better prepare students for college, saying “We tried to come up with a reason why we shouldn’t do it, and we couldn’t come up with a good one. “

The school purchased 600 devices, using their own technology and textbook funds, and all of these devices have been blocked from certain websites and social media, so they'll be STRICTLY used for school work.

Parents have to sign an agreement that they’ll be shelling out $115 to replace the Kindle if it gets lost.  If a student’s Kindle is stolen, all they have to do is prove that their device was stolen, and the school will waive the replacement fee.

According to John Henn, replacing a Kindle is much cheaper than replacing a bunch of textbooks, which usually costs around $300 dollars to replace them if they're ever lost or stolen.

We’re still using mostly textbooks in  both Laramie County School District 1, and Laramie County School District 2, would you like to see our school districts here switch from textbooks to the Kindle, or some other form of new technology, and how much did you have to shell out for textbooks this year?