Members of Wyoming Parents Empowering Parents will hold a march and rally in Cheyenne Thursday to voice their concerns about a new law passed by the Wyoming Legislature that makes changes to the Department of Health's disability waiver program which is funded by Medicaid.

The program provides services for children and adults with disabilities as well as those with brain injuries, which can include in-home aid, vocational and basic skills training and a respite program. The program also covers those who need 24-hour comprehensive care.

The legislature passed Senate File 60 earlier this year with the goal of revamping the waiver system and moving nearly 600 people off a waiting list to get into the program. The problem with the bill, according to Wyoming Parents member Billie Welchman is that the agency isn't getting any extra money to reach that goal which means taking funding away from those already in the waiver program. The rally will begin Thursday at 10 a.m. at the Cheyenne Depot and head north to the Wyoming State Capitol.