A golden retriever being taken for a walk by its owner was injured by a pair of pit bulls Thursday afternoon, according to a release from the Laramie County Sheriff's Department.

Undersheriff Rich Hillegas says the attack happened a little after 12:30 p.m. in the area of Links and Jack Rabbit Roads. Yvette Dalley was walking her golden retriever when a pair of pit bulls attacked. She first tried to ward them off, and when that failed, she pulled out a pistol and fired three shots. One of the pit bulls was fatally wounded, while the other ran away but was later recovered by Animal Control.

The retriever was treated and released at a vet clinic. The owner of the pit bulls, Stefanie Juarez, brought her wounded dog to the clinic and agreed to pay the vet bills for the retriever. Hillegas says that because Juarez and Dalley were able to reach an agreement, no further action will be taken.

Dalley was not injured in the attack, which was centered on her dog.