Did you attend McCormick Junior High School in downtown Cheyenne?

Outside our KING FM studios at the ANB Bank, I've been watching the crews renovating the exterior of the Emerson Building on Capitol Avenue this Summer.

With the start of a new school year this week, I've been thinking back to my Junior High days at the old McCormick.

Mrs. Garcia encouraged my first stage appearance in that building's auditorium, Mrs. Shaw had us read 'The Hobbit,' I dissected my one and only frog in Mrs. Goodier's Biology class on the third floor and learned a lot about weather from Mr. Pearson's Earth Science class held in the basement.

Also memorable were the kickball games played during P. E.  in the parking lot and Wes Delf constantly kicking the ball onto the roof.

I had a lot of fun times at McCormick Junior High's downtown location, it's nice to look out and see the building being all spruced up.

What are your favorite memories from your school days?