Realtors have told us, and it's true, with low percentage rates NOW is the time to buy. But there is a difference between a house and a town.

Today, Rick and Judy Brengle are selling Aladdin, Wyoming after 28 years for 1.5 million dollars. They first purchased the town in 1986 when they were trying to figure out what to do after the kids went to college.

So, if you are in the market, you might want to head on out to Aladdin, Wyoming so that you can truly say that "It is MY town." Aladdin won't be the first town in the Cowboy State to be sold. You may recall the town just down the road from Cheyenne - Buford, Wyoming which sold for $900,000.00 and was renamed PhinDeli Town, after the new owners line of coffee.