Child birth  IS painful.  Carol Burnett  describes it as, "Taking your bottom lip and pull it completely over your head!"  But how painful would it be in the wilderness?

To join the ranks of television reality shows, Lifetime is now in the “reality ring,” developing a show called “Born in the Wild,” and according to TMZ,  you follow some young expectant parents who have chosen to welcome their little bundle of joy by birthing it right out in the wild!  “Lions and Tigers and Babies?....OH MY!

This reality show in the works is already getting some heat, because these parents have agreed to birth their babies “naturally,” too naturally.  These birth will be unassisted by doctors, which could prove to be extremely dangerous if an emergency arose.  This show might be deemed “too real” for reality, as some fear this could encourage other couples to birth their own children without any medical assistance.

I could barely sit through watching documentaries about childbirth, when the birthing happened in a hospital room, let alone watching someone giving birth, out in the wilderness, which is said to be quite graphic when it comes to it.   This puts my normal “Real Housewives of nothing but complete disaster” to shame!

It got me to thinking, if they filmed this “birthing” reality show here in Wyoming, and you were expecting, would you be willing to not only go on camera to give birth, but to do it completely in the wilderness, and WHERE in Wyoming would you want to give birth in the wild?

Maybe in the deep woods of Yellowstone National Park with all the lions and tigers and bears?  Or how about high on a mountaintop in the Grand Tetons?  Or how about in those wide open spaces with nothing around, that are all over our Cowboy State?

Would you give birth in the wilderness of the "Cowboy State, and if so, where in Wyoming?