For the first time in decades, the Colorado River reaches the ocean. Back in 1972, my visit to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico showed me the slightly damp sand, where the mighty Colorado River once emptied into the sea. A few weeks ago on a visit to Phoenix, Arizona, I noticed that a lot of people had lawns... for living in a desert.

The desert city of Las Vegas. The crops of California. In fact, a large number of cities get their water from the Colorado River. They have legal rights to the water, but do they have the moral right? I would not deny them survival, not even a good life, but when we start changing climates (raising the humidity of Tucson, Arizona when I lived there in 1973), we need to reassess our roles as stewards of our planet.

Here is some good news, that I hope will turn into even better news, in the long run. Watch a small stream of water makes its way to the sea for the first time in decades.