Did you ever see the Grateful Dead in concert? Watching the Grateful Dead Movie will give you a good idea of what it's like.

In case you missed it last month on April 20th, an encore showing of the Grateful Dead Movie will be in theaters across the country on May 5th. Your last chance to see the film on the big screen and it includes never-before-seen interviews with Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir that were conducted during production of the movie.

The closest theaters to Cheyenne showing the Grateful Dead Movie are the Cinemark Theater in Ft. Collins, the Century Theater in Boulder, the Bel Mar 16 in Lakewood and the Pavillions 15 in Denver. Click here for a link to buy tickets.

The Grateful Dead Movie hasn't been available in wide theatrical distribution since it's initial release in 1977.

Be forewarned, exposure to this much fun might turn you into a Deadhead.