Coffee, much like beer, has attracted a whole new subculture of people who take it seriously, and must always drink the absolute finest.

I'm a deejay.  I don't have money for that, although sometimes one does need to explore.  Mostly, I have a lot of fun finding the best for the cheapest.

My favorite right now is Green Mountain Organic.  It's fairly new, and doesn't "sound" all that superb, so you can pick up a 1-pound bag for less than $5 if you hit King Soopers on the right day.

No, I don't work for Green Mountain (they're clear out in Vermont.)  I just love the fact it's pure and gives a heck of a buzz, oftentimes while using about half the grounds of Starbucks Espresso (my second favorite!)

Best about all these?  No aftertaste like the junk your office will supply!