Laramie County political activist and County Commissioner M. Lee Hassenour says he's hearing from Tea Party activists and members of the Constituition Party about a possible petition drive to get the removal of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction as head of the state Education Department on the election ballot in 2014.

Governor Matt Mead on Tuesday signed Senate File 104 into law. The legislation removed Superintendent Cindy Hill from leadership of the education department. Mead named Jim Rose as interim head of the agency. Hill has already filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the legislation. Hassenour says he believes lawmakers ignored the will of the people with the legislation, adding he believes e-mails to lawmakers on the subject were "500 to 1" against the move.

Hassenour says that while he personally does not have time to get actively involved in a petition drive to get the issue on the ballot, he believes others may make the effort. Hassenour says it would take 45000 signatures of registered voters in Wyoming to get the issue before voters, adding he thinks achieving that would be "difficult, but not impossible".