Have you ever been the victim of a bird bombing?

Over the weekend, some bird must have seen the inviting black denim canvas of my jacket and dropped a nice white accent to go with it on my back. Curses red robin!This isn't my first time being bombed by a feathered friend, and probably not my last. When I was a journalism student at Laramie County Community College, I wrote about an incident during a trip to El Paso for the Wingspan school newspaper.

I was the only male traveling in the group so I dropped everyone off at the airport entrance and went to park the van. When I was heading for my gate, I ran into a group of Hare Krishna's.

They offered me a copy of their book and asked for a donation, all I had was a $20 so I handed it over and asked for change back. That didn't go over well, but after getting about half of it back I left for the plane and heard them yelling some foreign words in my direction.

The Hare Krishna curse followed me to Texas, the airline lost my luggage. While everyone else was unpacking, I was hanging out in front of the El Paso hotel and suddenly felt a splat on my shoulder. What the?...some Texan just spit his wad of tobacco out the window and it hit me, I thought, then I looked up to see a flock of pigeons flying off the ledge above me. Now my only shirt had a big bird stain on it.

Luckily a fellow journalism students gave me some clothes to wear during the conference and by the day we were leaving, the airline had found my suitcase. I was ready to get into some of my own clothes when I realized it was locked and I didn't have the key!

Beware the Hare Krishna curse, and watch out for low flying birds!