We have 2 cats, Oswald and Wingnut. Both were adopted by my husband from the animal shelter, long before my husband adopted me. 

We love our cats so dearly, but now we’re noticing that our cats are getting much older, and they’re doing something that’s really upsetting my husband... And I’ve got to admit, I’m not all too wild about it either…horking all over our carpet!

What once was a fairly new carpet in our home is now turning into a spotted mess; it’s so spotted now we can actually play the game Twister without using the “twister board!”  Reason being is that our cats are now coughing up, or, as my husband likes to call it, “horking” all over our carpet. We can’t figure out how to make them stop. 

I originally thought it was their cat food, so we decided to switch their food to the much more expensive brands, Science Diet, Iams, Nature’s Best, etc, and all we got as a result was a much more expensive “hork” all over our carpet. 

We’re now in the process of looking for a carpet cleaner, because getting down on my knees just to scrub the carpet isn’t working anymore. 

Do any of you have older cats, and is this a normal condition?  Is there any cure for cat hork?  Any input you have would be extremely appreciative, not only for my husband and myself, but our carpet!