Laramie County Fire  District#2 firefighters were called to a house fire at 2509 Champion Drive around 11am Thursday, according to district#2 spokesman Lew Simpson.

He says several people had called 911 to report the side of the house was on fire and the rest of the home was threatened. Simpson says firefighters found the west side and attic of the garage were on fire, with the blaze burning towards the main part of the house. A storm which included rain, snow and high winds complicated the firefighting effort.

Simpson says that although the incident command requested help from several other firefighting agencies, the district #2  engine was able to put out the blaze before it could enter the home, and the call for help was cancelled. Simpson says damage to the west side, attic and interior walls of the garage as well as some items stored near the garage caused an estimated $20,000 in damage.

Simpson says investigators think the fire started near a go-cart on the west side of the garage, but exactly what started the blaze has not yet been determined.