Can you remember when you bought your current mattress?

I really had to think hard to remember the last time we purchased a new mattress; it's been at least ten years. We didn't get it delivered, so I remember trying to get the mattress home, into the house and onto the frame by myself.The Grateful household recently bought a new Beauty Rest from Ashley Furniture on East Nationway in Cheyenne, and this time we were very thankful for the deliverymen, Nate and Daniel. They had worked a long hard day already before they called us late in the evening asking if we'd still like our delivery today or if we'd prefer waiting until tomorrow.

We had just decided we'd have to sleep at least one more night on the old worn-out mattress when the phone rang. Nate and Dan were very professional and courteous as they hauled the huge KING bed into the house and disposed of our old one.

The new bed sure seems bigger than it did in the showroom, my wife felt like 'The Princess and the Pea.' But it is sure a lot more comfortable than that 10-year-old mattress.

How long have you been sleeping on your old mattress? Do your back a favor and think about investing in a new makes a world (or night) of difference.