I was at the checkout of a local department store, running my credit card, when a guy comes up to the clerk and mumbles a question.

The clerk was a very pleasant guy, on the shy side, and seemed to be a man of special needs. He told the customer that what he needed was probably down in aisle 6, but there’s a guy down there that can tell you for sure. That’s when the customer snapped at the clerk and then grumbled off to finish his business.

The clerk stood there with his head down repeating “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I told him it wasn’t his fault, and that that guy was an idiot. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he repeated. He was deeply affected and hurt. I told him, “Look, that guy is an ass and what you did was right and he was wrong.” But the smile was gone from his face and a ‘hang-dog’ look had set in.

I left, but the feeling of wanting to confront the assh*le is still with me, the next day. Really though, what could I do? Confronting him would only set him back on his heels and he would want to fight. Nobody wins in a fight. Besides, it could end with a higher price than anybody wants to pay.

In this litigious society, you never gamble more than you want to pay.

The ass probably has no idea how he ruined this gentle man’s day, and probably wouldn’t even care. I still wonder what I should have done. Have you ever run in to someone that just made you question your actions that day?


Let it go I guess..... damn.