How do you feel about the Magic City of the Plains being turned back into a "boomtown" after 150 years?  Seven living Cheyenne mayors shared the stage to look back and ahead toward our future during a recent “Meet the Mayors.” One mayor made a prediction no one else did-Denver is spilling over into Cheyenne.

Leo Pando, mayor from 1993 to 2000, said Cheyenne’s biggest future change might be in “absorbing its share of the I-25 overflow up from Denver."

While our town is known as, "The top of the Front Range," I’m not sure that being a big part of it is what we had in mind. We have some land between Cheyenne and Fort Collins that is still open. Just how fast do you think it will become populated too?

Many Cheyennizens want to keep our town a secret to keep it small. On social media, Cheyenne residents often say they don't want anyone else here. Small is just how most folks like it, and they want it to stay that way.

Is that realistic? Some would love an economic boost from growth, but many say they do not want outsiders moving here in droves. When will the incoming people outgrow the others, who is to say? Pando seems to think it will be soon.

If you don’t want to be here when Cheyenne continues to grow, should you move?

Watch the "Meet the Mayors" here.