An Illinois couple wants to thank Wyoming folks for helping them out on the side of Interstate 90. Six of them helped that day. They just needed help finding all of them.

Back on July 23, after visiting Devils Tower, Carol and Herb Sutherland had a blowout, according to Associated Press. They didn't have roadside assistance, but they definitely got help.

A woman stopped, but Herb needed a particular tool. When the woman didn't have it she called some friends who live close, near Rozet, Wyoming. Another man stopped, then came the woman's friends along with her husband. There were a total of six Wyoming Good Samaritans. AP reports that Carol Sutherland said that they were able to resume driving on to Montana, feeling grateful.

People in the Cowboy State are known to be helpful for broken down tourists. Our residents really are generous in general - often anonymously. Thanks for being awesome.

And maybe this is a nice time to mention weekly opportunities to help another local charity, and enjoy our party with a purpose, "Thankful Thursdays."