When was the last time you ate at Sbarro's in Frontier Mall?

It possibly could have been your last bite from the Italian restaurant, a mainstay and favorite of many in Cheyenne over the years. My daughter was at Frontier Mall for lunch earlier this week and noticed they were taking down all the signage at Sbarro, including their menus.

They had many of our Italian favorites like New York Style pizza, stromboli and lasagna. What did you like to order off the Sbarro's menu?

Frontier Mall's website does not list Sbarro's in their directory or on their map any more. One source told us their corporate personnel came for a visit and said 'we're not renewing the contract for this location.'

I'm still hopeful they might just be remodeling or relocating somewhere else in Cheyenne. Have you heard anything official? Let us know in the comments.