Groundhog Day 2013 is going to be a great year!  They are expecting the largest crowd to date to be there both in Punxsutawney and via the Web!Groundhog's Day is one of those weird traditions that can trace it's roots way back to the 18th Century, and no one knows who started it or why anybody would believe the weather predictions of a rodent anyway?

Bill Murray did a wonderful movie about the subject way back in's still hilarious!


Just in case you are planning a trip to Punxsutawney, PA to enjoy the festivities, here are some frequently asked questions and answers!

Q. When is Groundhog Day?

A. Groundhog Day is always February 2nd. This year, February 2nd is on a Saturday. The dates for the entire Celebration are February 1st- February 3rd. There will be events throughout the Celebration. Keep checking for an updated events list.

Q. Does it cost anything to attending the Prognostication at Gobbler's Knob on February 2nd?

A. No, there is no admission fee. It is free to the public.

Q. Can we drive ourselves up or take our own charter bus up to Gobbler's Knob.

A. No. You can either walk up or take a bus provided by the Groundhog Club. These buses are tentatively $5 a person, 12 and under are free. The bus stop locations will be soon officially be identified so you can plan accordingly. If you have the appropriate handicapped placards you are however able to drive up to the Knob.

Q. Where do we park?

A. You can park anywhere downtown. There will also be additional auxiliary parking lots, along with the bus stop parking lots, that will be soon officially being identified so you can plan accordingly.

For more information on the origins and celebrations of this yearly event please click here