The 108-yard touchdown scored by Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones during the Super Bowl was a sweet sight for many new Baltimore-area furniture owners. That's because some customers will now get their furniture for free because of a bizarre promotion by a local company.Gardiners Furniture, a Baltimore company, ran a promotion stating that all furniture bought between Jan. 31 and 3 p.m. on game day would be free if the Ravens scored a kickoff return for touchdown at the start of either half. Well, it just so happens Jones made his way to the end-zone on the opening kickoff after halftime, thus sealing the promotion's fate.

This is the third year the store has run such a promotion, and since the owners believed it had been nearly 50 years since such a kick return occurred, marketing manager Kasee Lehrl said the store owners felt pretty safe. But they took out an insurance policy — just in case.

Perhaps the store owners should do a little more research before pulling the trigger on their next marketing campaign. The last such kick return wasn't nearly 50 years ago, but rather just six. Chicago Bears speedster Devin Hester took the opening kickoff 92 yards for a score against the Indianapolis Colts in 2007.


All totaled, the store will be giving out about $600,000 in free furniture.

"It's great for the Ravens, great for our customers and great for Gardiners," Lehrl said.

And maybe great for brand awareness now, too?  (Via Baltimore Sun)