UPDATE: (1:00 P.M.)  Mayor Rick Kaysen has indefinitely postponed the City’s plan to change the current practice of alley collection service for household waste and recycled materials.  The City planned for the change effective May 5, 2014.

In a statement, Mayor Kayesen said:

 “Although I believe the long-term collection service in the street is more efficient, I also believe that in the short-term, a postponement is merited and is reasonable.  Basically, I made this decision Monday night, April 14th, after hearing comments from residents who have concerns and asked questions.  I also took into consideration the discussions I have had with residents either in person, over the telephone, or via e-mails prior to Monday evening.  I have also have had additional discussions with staff.”

Customers who were notified that their service would be changed to the street can still use the alley service during the postponement.  Those customers who select to place their containers in the street are welcome to do so. Yard waste container pick-up will remain in the street as it has been since the inception of the yard waste program.

4162014 @ 6:30 A.M.

Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says he's heard a lot of complaints about city plans to discontinue most alley trash pickups in the city next month, adding the issue is still under discussion.

The city recently announced it would stop taking unloading alley garbage containers in most areas of the city next month. Kaysen last week said the practice is inefficient and causes damage to garbage trucks and private property. But there were numerous public complaints about the new policy at Monday night's city council meeting, and the mayor says some valid concerns about the change in policy were raised.

Kaysen says implementing the new policy would save the city at least $285,000 annually. But he says the other side of the debate is the issue of service to residents, adding  city ordinance currently allows for both street and alley garbage pickup.