Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak says experts he has spoken with put the total value of the former Dinneen's Car Dealership, which the city is considering purchasing for a new public safety building, at close to $4 million.

Kozak says that evaluation includes a value of $2-3 million for the building itself and another $1 million for the accompanying land which would be part of the purchase. Opponents of the purchase say the city shouldn't pay the proposed purchase price of $1.886 million when an appraiser hired by the city put the total value at only $1.68 million.

But Kozak says that appraisal failed to take into account such things as the fact the building is structurally sound enough to support two additional floors. Kozak is urging the council to approve the purchase when it considers the issue on Monday night. The council's Committee of the Whole Wednesday night voted 4-2 against recommending the purchase.