Laramie County voters have narrowly defeated a quarter-cent sales tax which would have been used to help fund a new children's museum in downtown Cheyenne.

Unofficial results Tuesday night showed 52.81 percent voted against the tax, while 47.19 percent voted for it.

The tax, which would have automatically expired in four years, would have solely been used by the Children's Museum of Cheyenne (CMC) to build, equip and maintain a new children's museum at 1618 O'Neil Avenue.

Despite the setback, CMC Board President Caroline Veit says more than $3 million has been raised for the museum and they plan to continue their fundraising efforts.

"Just because the tax failed doesn't mean that we quit," said Veit. "We're not giving up on the mission, it just changes the scope immediately of what we have the potential of being able to do."