Lawmakers put the final touches on the budget session and take stock in what hey have done.

Capitol Renovation

Senate President Tony Toss (SD-4) said the budget establishes the foundation today for economic development tomorrow. Ross added that he was pleased that the State Capitol Renovation Project is going to move forward.

Protecting Wyoming's Extractive Industries

House Speaker Representative Tom Lubnau (HD-31), said he thinks the legislature made strides not only in the area of the budget but also in protecting the state’s extractive industries. He said 75 percent of the state's revenues come from those industries.

Budget Issues

Not everyone agreed with leadership about the success of the session. Cheyenne Representative Ken Esquibel (HD-41) said he didn't think the budget session was great for all of the residents of Wyoming, especially the poor.

Resolving Superintendent of Public Instruction Issue

Casper Representative Kendell Kroeker (HD-35) said he was disappointed that the legislature did not repeal Senate File 104, the bill which stripped Superintendent Cindy Hill of most of her duties. He said once the Wyoming Supreme Court has declared the bill unconstitutional, it should have been an "easy fix" to repeal it.