A little over a month ago, I asked you listeners where the good “local eats” are.  Immediately the phones exploded with a slew of suggestions, most of them were for a quaint little place on East Lincolnway commonly known as “The R&B Café.”  So many of you called in to rave about the breakfast burritos saying they have the best in Cheyenne, and you know what, YOU WERE RIGHT!

When we walked towards the front of the restaurant, I noticed their sign outside said that they were Cheyenne’s “Burrito-ologists!”  Chuckling at the sign, my husband and I walked in only to be surrounded by Elvis memorabilia everywhere we turned.  You can tell the owner, who was busy as head “burrito-ologist” in the kitchen, is a huge fan of the “King of Rock n’ Roll.”  We were greeted with a friendly smile from the hostess who said “I have a booth right over here with your name on it.”  We quickly sat down, where the waitress immediately welcomed us with menus that were full of delicious local fare, including their famous breakfast burritos.  I was quick to investigate what everyone was bragging about, while my husband was intrigued by their Huevos Rancheros and promised that he would give me a bite.

We were halfway through a cup of freshly brewed coffee when the waitress came back with our breakfast, surprising my husband and I how quickly they were able to get our order from the kitchen to our table.  I dug into my breakfast burrito filled with egg, hash browns, onions and bacon, (oh yea, bring on the bacon!) all smothered in their green chili, a type I never had before.  Most green chili is chunky, but the green chili at the R&B Café is blended to perfection, into a smooth sauce that was not too spicy, but had the right amount of kick!  From the very first bite, I was in heaven!  It was everything you all said it was, and the best part about our experience… it was local, right here in Cheyenne!  My husband was just as happy with his Huevos Rancheros, and as promised, he gave me a bite, and it was just as delicious!

We were so pleased telling all the staff how this had to be one of the best breakfasts we ever had.  On the way out, we had the pleasure of meeting the owner, pulling him away from the hot sizzling grills in the kitchen to shake his hand and tell him how great our breakfast was, and how we, like many locals in Cheyenne, would be back for more.  We also met his daughter who’s a waitress, serving this delicious food to countless tables.

Both my husband and I are indebted to you for suggesting such a great place for breakfast, and I’m sure we’ll probably run into many of you at the R&B Café in the future!

Other local favorites we’ve now tried, thanks to your suggestions, include El Charrito which has awesome Mexican fare, The Luxury Diner, another amazing local restaurant with amazing food, The Pie Lady, which has home style cooking like mom used to make, and we recently tried a brand new restaurant in Downtown Cheyenne, Los Abuelos, where their Enchiladas Acapulco is FANTASTIC!

Any other local favorites my husband should try now that we’re becoming Cheyenne locals?