Have you ever watched the International Space Station pass by in the night sky?

It is the largest man-made object in orbit and can be seen from Earth as it travels at an altitude of about 240 miles.

The space station is about the size of a football field so it is very noticable, especially with NASA's handy tracking schedule. Check it out and you will know when and where to look to see it overhead.

Friday, May 25, the SpaceX Dragon capsule is expected to dock with the International Space Station with live coverage beginning at midnight (MDT).

Check NASA's satellite sighting schedule to find out the best times to catch a glimpse of the Dragon spacecraft as it floats toward it's rendezvous with the space station.

Hopefully Cheyenne's skies will clear up enough for a better view, if not, there will be plenty more warmer opportunities coming our way throughout the Summer.