Burger King has used the same slogan for over 40 years:  “Have It Your Way…” but now they’re changing their slogan to “Be Your Way.”  Why?

According to a statement released by Burger King, their new slogan reflects on “Self- expression, it’s the most important, and it’s our differences that make us individuals instead of robots.”  HUH?

Burger King’s senior vice president of global brand management says “The way we see it, it’s much more than just a slogan, we are at our best when we encourage people to be who they are.  That strengthens people’s emotional connection between them and the Burger King Brand.”  Again, HUH? Kind of an odd way of selling a hamburger don't you think?

Burger King isn’t the only one that’s gone through a slogan change.  A few years ago, their major competitor McDonnalds changed their slogan to a more catchy, or what they think is more catchy, “I’m Lovin’ It.”  That one didn’t do much for me either.

Some companies have worked on putting out something a little more catchy or hip that actually works.  Farmer’s Insurance now have a simple little jingle, “We Are Farmer’s, Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum.”  I actually hear people sing their catchy little slogan.

This got me thinking about some of the catchy little slogans of days gone by, from Alka-Seltzer’s “Plop Plop Fizz Fizz Oh What A Relief It Is” to State Farm’s “And Like A Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There.”

What do you think of Burger King's new slogan and commercial slogan or jingle do you still have stuck in your head?