You’ve seen the words “Under Construction” pretty much everywhere you turn in Cheyenne.  Well best get used to it, we could very well see those words for many years to come!

According to the Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization, they’re estimating a good 30-thousand “newbie’s” moving to Cheyenne over the next 20 years, and that means expansive planning of our transportation system to accommodate for this future growth.

The planning organization says they look as far as the year 2040 as to which roads would be impacted the most if there were no changes made to our roadways, and the stretches that would be the most congested are:  Storey Boulevard, Del Range,(which is already crowded) East 19th Street, College Drive and South Greeley Highway.  And according to MPO, if these stretches aren’t expanded, these roads would most likely be given an “F” rating which, in plain English would mean “Gridlock City!”

So it looks like we’re going to be “Under Construction” for quite some time, which is why I think my 3 most favorite words in the English Language are “END OF CONSTRUCTION.”  Unfortunately, we won’t see that anytime soon.

Where is the worst roadwork zone you’re having to deal with on your commute?