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Memorial Day Meat FEST at My House
Memorial Day weekend is known for being a BBQ holiday, so I am doing my part to go above and beyond just cremating hot dogs and burgers.
DIY Plinking Target – Self Feeding Clay Targets
I spent some time cleaning out the shed this past weekend. During my expedition into the spiderweb filled darkness, I found two treasures. A box of clay targets and a brick of .22 ammunition. JACKPOT! It looks like it is about time for some spring shooting...
WYO's Scariest Places
Today is National Paranormal Day. Thankfully, Wyoming has our fair share of spooky places.
Kayak Kooler That Holds 30 Beers
What if I was to tell you that you can tow up to 30 beers down the river? Without risking the possibility that you lose all your "barley pop?
Cheech and Chong’s History of 4/20
The unofficial stoner holiday is here. Whether you are celebrating or not, no one REALLY knows the origin on the holiday. Of course Cheech and Chong do. Back by popular demand, I present to you Funny or Die's "History of 4/20" with Cheech and Chong...