Spart is Spill Art and we hope it becomes a huge trend and we get full credit.

Teri Landreth was hopped up on "joy juice" some king of red-colored drink that gives you a lift that she gets in the mail from Costa Rica. She offered some to a team member here and he was wired like sound. So she goes out to smoke and spills the drink. it drops to the concrete in sealed drink container with a straw that are popular. It turns around and spills out creating what I call UNICORN SQUIRREL. A defined outline of a squirrel with a prolific Unicorn horn.

I say you try this and take quick phone pics and email to me: You never know this could become a real art trend. I watched a piece on Mysteries At The Museum about an artist who fooled the art world for years with made up paintings and he actually made up a style of painting.