10 Sad ‘Futurama’ GIFs in Honor of the Series Finale
Well, 'Futurama' is over. The final episode aired last night. We...don't feel great about it. But why use words to describe our feelings, when we could use moving pictures. No, not videos -- GIFs! These sad GIFs from 'Futurama' sum up our feelings on the end of the beloved a…
Watch Saturday Morning Cartoons and Then Create Your Own
Are you a fan of Saturday morning cartoons?
I know, now days you can watch cartoons any day of the week, if you have the right channels or check YouTube.
But what's the fun of that. We would wake up early on Saturday and make a bowl of cereal to take to the living room and sit in front of the TV for h…
Holiday Love From Maxine
You've probably taken several minutes this year to check out any Maxine cartoons or cards that have come your way.  Now for the encore!