Celtic Musical Arts Festival

Men In Kilts, Women Who Dance & A Leprechaun.
Cheyenne's Celtic pride is showing today, starting with the parade downtown and featuring 60 pipe and drummers, dance schools, clans, and a leprechaun.
The dancers put on a fine show, the arts, crafts, jewelry and museum make for a upbeat start to the weekend that is now on at the Cheyenne …
Cheyenne Celtic Musical Arts Festival at Depot Plaza June 28-30
Are you part Scottish or Irish? Find out at the Depot Plaza this weekend. If you're not, you can pretend to be at the Cheyenne Celtic Musical Arts Festival Friday through Sunday, June 28-30.
There will be lots of music, dancing and Kilts.
The fun starts with Swagger playing Fridays On The Plaza 5:30 u…