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Don’t Leave Your Pets Out in the Cold
Winter weather is hard on all of us, but the bitter cold spells extra hardship for our four-legged family members.
Although they are equipped with fur coats, pets can still suffer from deadly frostbite and exposure, and they can become dehydrated when water sources freeze...
Last Day To Help The Animals Of CAS
Someone must have told the business students from Laramie County Community College to “take a hike,” and they are, this Saturday, March 28th, with some furry friends from Cheyenne Animal Shelter, all for Paws on Parade.”
Paws on Parade is a new, fun filled event to he…
Dog Jog In Lions Park Saturday
As the sun warms Lions Park, dogs and their humans get ready for the annual Dog Jog to raise funds for The Cheyenne Animal Shelter and all the great things they do for our furry and sometimes feathered and scaley friends.
Tyler The Wonder Dog reminds you that there are some of his canine and feline f…
Cheyenne Animal Shelter Dog Jog Is On Saturday
Holly, Chester (the poster dog) and Katie from The Cheyenne Animal Shelter drop by for some conversation about the annual Dog Jog in Lions Park on Saturday.
We'll fill you in on everything you need to know at 8:30 Friday morning with Steve Cooper...

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