Cheyenne Depot

The Ghosts of the Historic Cheyenne Depot
The Cheyenne Depot is one of Wyoming's most historic landmarks. It may also be one of the most haunted buildings in the Cowboy State.
According to, the Depot museum is allegedly inhabited by three entities; a woman in a long, black dress, a man who reportedly fell to his death while…
July 4, 1869: The Biggest Boxing Match in Wyoming History
In Wyoming's early days, boxing was the most popular spectator sport.
The biggest boxing match to ever take place in the Cowboy State became famous, not because of the fight, but due to the legendary alliance it helped create.
On July 4,1869, Wyatt Earp arrived at the Cheyenne Depot to take bets on a …
An Photographic History of Cheyenne
In 1867, Union Pacific Railroad survey crews plotted the site for present day Cheyenne near the Crow Creek Crossing in the Dakota Territory.
Here's an interesting photographic retrospective of Wyoming's Capital City over the last 150 years...
Rotaract Club Gives Cheyenne Depot Gift of Time
The Cheyenne Community Rotaract Club has donated two time-era clocks to be placed inside the former Union Pacific Depot building.
"One of our club members visited the Depot Museum and noticed that there were a couple of things missing from the renovation and got in touch with some museum sta…
Midas Casino Night For Depot Big Success
Last night's fundraiser for The Cheyenne Depot Museum was a great success. Wheelin' and dealin' with Craps, poker, Texas Hold 'em, roulette, a 50/50 draw and more, funds were raised to help maintain the heart of our city, which receives no government funding, It supported through…

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