Uncool Dad’s Chugwater, Wyoming Photo Earns Internet Shame
Someday, she will look back and treasure this memory. For now, one young lady's Wyoming road trip will be an embarassing reminder of her father's corny sense of humor.
A picture featuring her father chugging water in front of a sign in Chugwater, Wyoming, made the front page of the popular website Re…
16 Ridiculous Predictions For Wyoming in 2016
2016 is going to be an interesting year. Donald Trump could be our next President. The Chicago Cubs are the betting favorites to win the World Series. We truly are living in Bizarro World.
With that in mind, here are 16 completely ridiculous predictions for the great state of Wyoming in the new year:
The Twisted Tale Of Why There Is No Gas In Chugwater [VIDEO]
John Barberini smeared his face with black shoe polish, blew up a gas station, and changed the lives of the 200 residents of the tiny town of Chugwater, Wyoming, "because the hot dogs were cold."
He crashed his Chevy Blazer into Chugwater’s only gas station/grocery store and s…