Ready For Something New And Different? [VIDEO]
If you’re tired of doing the same old things all of the time, here’s a chance to break out of that rut. Learn ballroom dancing. It’ll be something new, something physical and something that will bring you closer to your partner.
Take part in an evening of Michelle Ordes’ forma…
Cheyenne Talent Back In Town [VIDEO]
Guest on The Steve Cooper Radio Broadcast on KINGfm and Cheyenne Mentalist, Reed Barret has been doing well in Las Vegas and managed to pass on the word of another Cheyenne talent.
Reed says “One of Hollywood’s hottest dancer/Choreographers will be in Cheyenne on Saturday 20 December 2014…
Harlem Shake Invades University of Wyoming
As Harlem Shake Mania continues to sweep the internet, the country, and you guessed it... even Wyoming, the comparisons to other videos run rampant. Having created a Harlem Shake video of my own with my fellow co-workers(see here), I have high expectations/standards for other videos in the same cate…
A Special Kind Of Dance
If you're one of those people who gets a kick out of watching a chubby, little kid dance (seriously, who doesn't?), then this one is for you.