Want To Buy Dracula’s Castle?
With summer coming up, you might be thinking of a little cottage in the mountains to invest in. If you don’t mind the more than half a million tourists trolling by, here’s a nice little getaway you can buy.
NBC’s ‘Dracula’ Casts ‘Arrow’ Star as Female Lead
NBC's been rather quiet on the front of its upcoming straight-to-series adaptation 'Dracula,' little known other than 'The Tudors' star Jonothan Rhys-Meyers would take the title role for a series helmed by 'Carnivale' creator Dan Knauf. Now, new reports have emerged that recent (and future) 'Arrow' …
The 10 Strangest Draculas in Pop Culture [VIDEOS]
Few monsters have appeared more on TV and film than Dracula. The character, who first appeared in Bram Stoker's novel way back in 1867, has long lapsed into the public domain. Thus, pretty much anyone can do whatever they want with The Count.