NoCo Eagles Hockey Team Affiliates With Avalanche
In Northern Colorado, hockey means The Colorado Eagles and their games at the Budweiser Events Center. Further south in Denver, you have the NHL Central Division’s two time Stanley Cup winners, The Avalanche. As of Wednesday, July 20, 2016, the two have come together...
The Eagles Will Never Play Again [VIDEO]
Did you see the final performance of the Eagles?
The Eagle’s tribute to Glenn Frey on the February 16th Academy Awards was their final performance, according to Don Henley, who confounded The Eagles with Glenn Frey. Henley was on The United Kingdom’s BBc 2’s Simon Mayo that and said…
How Many Eagles Are In Wyoming? [VIDEO]
How many eagles are in the Powder River Basin? Last year, volunteers counted 354 eagles, including 239 bald eagles in the basin. Now we need to do it again.
Cheyenne Birders and Audubon Society volunteers are doing bird counts to provide critical data population trends and bird patterns, especia…

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