Facebook Status – It’s Complicated
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
A 30 year-old London man, who legally changed his name to 'Something Long and Complicated', says Facebook is blocking him because they think his name is fake. He says "I have sent in all the documentation they have asked for to prove my identity but th…
When You Die, Here’s What Happens… On Facebook
Facebook’s now let’s you pick a page manager to keep your page up when you die. Your ‘Legacy Contact’ can:
1. Write a post to pin to the top of the memorialized Timeline (Maybe to announce a memorial service or post an appropriate  message)...
How to Turn Off Annoying Game Requests from Facebook
We've all gotten game requests from our friends. Before you unfriend your friend just because of these requests, though, know that it's not their fault. You want to politely decline, but you also don't want to see them pop up ever again. Here's a quick way to stop game requests f…

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