And So It Begins….
The predicted snow has begun as the prophets foretold. Two days ago, I mowed my lawn for the first time this year and now, this. Could it be the last snow? It's Wyoming.
Now we go through the phases of seasonal change like the phases of a major bad event in your life; anger, denial, forgiveness.…
Cheyenne Wakes Up To Snow
About 4:30 this morning, I left home on wet and slushy streets with fresh snow on the grass (which says thank you by the way). Could this be the last of the Spring snow in Southeast Wyoming?  That's the key, it's Wyoming.
Short term for Cheyenne, we're looking at 48 degrees with s…
Winter Makes A Comeback In Wyoming [VIDEO]
The roller coaster ride of of highs and lows continues into the freezing realm tonight as we look at the last vestiges of winter trying to make it's exit with a bit of a fight. We'll likely get some rain changing to snow overnight.
That's alright, I still have yet to switch over my dre…
Snow On The Way
Remember snow? It's that funny white stuff that falls from the sky, and it's supposed to snow on us Thursday... no this isn't an April Fools Day joke.

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