Gas Prices

Costlier Cruising In Wyoming
Changing blends and heating oil demand nationwide have caused gas prices to go up $.063 per gallon over the last week here in the Cowboy State. But the good news is that we are 3.3 cents per gallon cheaper than we were at a year ago.
Average Gas Prices Fall 4 Cents in Wyoming
The average price for a gallon of gas in Wyoming fell sharply last week.
Analysts with say the average price for regular unleaded fell just over four cents to $3.48 per gallon last week. Meanwhile, the national average fell just over a penny to $3...
Gas Prices Still Climbing [AUDIO]
If you expected the USDA's cattle on fed report to show lower numbers across the board you were right, according to Livestock Analyst Shayle Shagum. Gas prices continue  to climb both in Wyoming and nationally. Click past jump to listen to Wyoming Radio News.
Gasoline Prices Rise Over Past Week [AUDIO]
Three workers were injured in a weekend fire at the Laramie River Station Power Plant. Doug Randall has the details. Wyoming's average gasoline prices took a big increase this past week, jumping about 11 cents per gallon. Click past the jump to listen to Wyoming Radio News.
Another Reason To Be Glad We Live In Cheyenne
Went to Greeley for dinner with friends last night and saw these prices at a corner Shell station. Glad I filled up for $3.39 before I crossed the border.
I could have gone for the $3.29 at the E 12th St & Logan Ave U Pump It, but time and proximity ruled the moment. Th...
Gas Prices Went Down in Wyoming [AUDIO]
Crews are replacing and rerouting a section of the boardwalk in Yellowstone National Park's Black Sand Basin. Doug Randall reports. For the first time in several weeks, average retail gasoline prices in Wyoming have fallen. Click past the jump to listen to Wyoming Radio News.
State Gas Prices Go Up [AUDIO]
The Wyoming Legislature has launched a new e-mail subscription service to keep the public more informed. Amy Richards has a report. Average retail gas prices in Wyoming continue to go up in the latest survey. Click past jump to listen to Wyoming Radio News.
Wolf Hunts Harmful to Yellowstone Wolf Research [AUDIO]
Yellowstone National Park scientists say wolf hunts are proving harmful to their decades long research after they lost a record number of the predators to this year's hunting season. Doug Randall reports. Gas prices in Wyoming have steadily increased over the past few weeks. Click past the jump…
Wyoming Gas Prices Up [AUDIO]
Wyoming lawmakers have rejected a proposal to take DNA samples from suspects arrested or charged with serious crimes. Doug Randall has a report. Gas prices in Wyoming are up, but are still lower than last year. Click past jump to listen to Wyoming Radio News.

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