Senior Class Spirit!
This week hundreds of high school graduates will walk across the stage of their gymnasium, take the degree they've worked so hard for, probably relax for the weekend, then wonder, what's next?
East High School Graduation Features Several Classic Rock Songs
What songs would you expect at a high school graduation?
Over the weekend I attended my daughter's graduation at Okie Blanchard Stadium and was surprised by the musical choices for the ceremony. Rather than selecting any current hits, the East High School class of 2014 picked tunes by Billy Joel…
Don’t Be This Graduate, Or Should You?
Does this exemplify the, "It's all about me" generation, and disrupt the ceremony with his back flip? Or is it just youthful vigor and enthusiasm celebrating the culmination of years of hard work?
Some disagree, but I think it's just a kid being a kid and no big deal, exce…