Sad Music Bad For Your Mental Health? [VIDEO]
We all know the music you listen to affects your mood. Now science has proven that people who frequently listen to sad or aggressive music are more likely to experience higher levels of anxiety and depression than those tuned in to happier songs...
KING Concert Calendar: October 7-11, 2015
What kind of entertainment plans do you have this week?
The Cheyenne area is filled with plenty of live entertainment choices this week, including Joe Jackson at the Paramount Theatre and Josh Blue at the Atlas Theatre on Thursday.
Music Sounds Better When Shared [VIDEO]
This album from The James Gang could be dangerous for your turntable. Most turntables were made to automatically lift the tonearm when the end of an album side was reached. But at the end of side one of this Joe Walsh and The James Gang album was a small recording in the inner groove that said &ldqu…

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