Prank Puts evil in Devil [VIDEO]
For the worst low budget horror movie in a while, the effects crew put together a diabolical remote controlled animatronic devil baby in a carriage and unleashed it on New York City.
Hilarity ensued.
Some gross hurling ahead.....
Zombie Girl in Camera Phone Prank Creeps Victims [VIDEO]
Jack Vale is one of the kings of pranks on YouTube. You should check out some of the rest of the awesome stunts he has pulled off. This one may be my favorite. He asks people to take his picture but, only visible through his phone, a zombie girl walks by...
The Guys Who Shot This Should Get Kicks In The B*!!S [VIDEO]
Chivalry Is Not Dead, It's Just Soaking Wet. This young man is trying to do the right thing while warm and dry idiots who seem to know a secret wait for the inevitable outcome.
They get their wish, and it's funny, but still. If Karma does exist, i wouldn't want be standing next to them…

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