Warbirds To Visit Cheyenne
They were the planes that helped free the world. Sadly, the key word here is were. Almost 4,000 bombers were constructed during World War II, but there is only one that can still fly, and she is called “Fifi.” She is the last flying long range B-29 Superfortress on the planet and she is …
$5 Ferris Wheel View For Free [VIDEO]
It was early opening day and I got some footage of and from the Ferris Wheel in Frontier Park. Its twice around with a stop at the top for a quick view of the midway and park layout.
This can save you $5 or get you the experience if you aren't tall enough...
Welcome to the Cheyenne Frontier Days Carnival [PHOTOS]
That one. The one with the big tongue, beady eyes, and look of despair. If I don't come home with this overstuffed dog from the ring toss game, my life might, in fact, be over.
$30 and one winning ring later, I take the dog home from the carnival grounds. Victory is mine.