An Entire Family of Santas is Living in Wyoming
Santa lives in Wyoming.
In fact, there's a whole family of Santas in Rock Springs. According to the White Pages, there are at least eight members of the Santa family here in the Cowboy State.
Keith and Janice Santa reside in Rock Springs...
Cheech & Chong “Santa And His Old Lady”
Cheech And Chong and their story of "Santa Claus and his old lady" is a touching tale about a bearded man, his wife and a bunch of little people who eat special brownies and fly all over the world delivering toys to kids.
Watch Santa Fly Over Wyoming [VIDEO]
This Christmas you and the children can see exactly where Santa is as he travels the world bringing cheer and toys to good girls and boys, thanks to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).
Just log on to starting at 12:01 a...
Most Popular Wyo Secret Santa Gift?
Google has come up with the most uniquely searched Secret Santa gifts in each state based on U.S. searches from the last three years. The results are a bit strange at times.
Here in Wyoming, it seems we like Polaroid cameras for Secret Santa gifts...
Santa Claus, Campfire, & Cocoa This Evening
Santa Claus, Campfire, & Cocoa Santa Claus will be visiting the Paul Smith Children’s Village to meet with children of all ages Saturday, December 13, 2014 from 5 – 6:30pm.
Come tell Santa what you want for Christmas, take a picture with him, and drink hot cocoa by …

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