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You’ve Got to Watch SNL’s Fake New Balance Commerical
Even after all of these years, SNL does fake commercials better than everyone else. However, last night's New Balance commercial parody is the cream of the crop -- it's hard to remember the last time the show made a fake ad that was this funny and spot-on. Check it out below.
‘Your Sunday Brunch’ Menu for December 2, 2012
Have you seen any of the new Alfred Hitchcock movies?
'Your Sunday Brunch' on the first weekend of December's kind of like a Hitchcock film; filled with suspense, intrigue, thrills and surprises.
Please join me from seven until ten for some tasty tidbits.
What’s On The Menu for ‘Your Sunday Brunch’
Thanks for waking up an hour early for 'Your Sunday Brunch.'
'Springing Forward' can take a lot out of you, so we have all kinds of tasty treats to help get you going on this eleventh day of March.
Here's some of the hilights on our 'Musical Menu' today:
Will Eddie Murphy Appear on ‘Saturday Night Live’ This Weekend?
Eddie Murphy hasn’t been on ‘Saturday Night Live’ since 1984, and he hasn’t even participated in the various reunion shows that have happened in the years since he left the show. But he could show up this weekend.
Murphy’s co-star in the new movie ‘Tower Heist’ is Ben Stiller, who just so happens to …

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