USS Wyoming Nuclear Submarine In Scandal [VIDEO]
Up to a dozen sailors on board the USS Wyoming have been caught up in a scandal where 1 sailor secretly taped female sailors undressing just outside the showers, on board and then 11 others watched the videos via texts. 11 watched the video, only one reported it...
Paula Deen Fired By Food Network
Even though she's done more damage with her recipes, It's the "N" word that brought down the queen of southern cooking.
Anthony Weiner, John Edwards and others have made a comeback. Can Paula?
Seems people remember the name long after they forget the crime...
Rep. Weiner Admits Scandal; Will Not Resign [VIDEO]
A tearful Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY9) held a press conference Monday afternoon in New York to address rumors that he had sent a revealing photo of himself to a young woman on his Twitter account.
The disgraced congressman, who previously told reporters that his Twitter had been hacked, admitted he ha…