Coolest Ever Or Insane Flying? [VIDEO]
Aerospace engineering company Windspeed is talking with an aircraft manufacturer to offer a radical departure from traditional airplane seating. SkyDeck, in theory, would seat two passengers on top of the plane, inside your own little dome, instead of inside...
Is This Legal?
An Octocopter with a .45 caliber Colt handgun strapped to it!
Now that's scary.
This YouTube video is a shoot 'em up that turns into an ad for a company that makes screen and windshield protectors.
Can you imagine this readily available technology in the wrong hands...
After 35 Years, Voyagers Heading to Unknown Space
Voyager Spacecraft Near Edge of Heliosphere (flickR User/NASAblueshift)Have you ever wondered what lies beyond our Solar System?
The longest-operating spacecraft in NASA history are about to leave our Solar System.
Yesterday marked the 35th anniversary of Voyager1's launch to Jupiter and Saturn, …
Stop The Presses! Grateful Mike Tweets For First Time
Grateful Mike's merging onto the 'Information Superhighway,' look out.
Do you tweet? Last weekend I sent out my very first tweets and it felt kind of like cranking up the old Model T Ford and sputtering onto a giant 6-lane highway.
Luckily my daughter was home to help with some of my qu…
Flying Car One Step Closer To Reality [VIDEO]
Have you ever wanted to own a flying car?
Some of the futuristic items we dreamed about as kids are available now, like the robot vacuum, cash machines and watching movies from a device you can hold in your hand.
Well, now the flying car is one step closer to becoming a reality.
Last month, the Nation…
Final Space Shuttle Launched From Cape Canaveral
The final space shuttle lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida this morning despite the heavy cloud cover and threat of rain.
 Atlantis blasted off just after eleven a.m. (mountain time) carrying a crew of four. This is the smallest shuttle crew since 1983, the size was limited because a smaller Rus…

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